Welcome to the online home of Sifu Michael Fuchs and Butterfly Martial Arts and Butterfly Healing Arts, central Connecticut’s place for high quality training in Asian martial and healing arts.

Each curriculum is complete, offering a full buffet of training- yin to yang and all in between. Currently classes are being offered in Personal Training and Workshop/ Seminar format; for you or your group/ organization. Contact Sifu Michael Fuchs for details.

* Butterfly Martial Arts:

Shaolin Five Form Fist Kung Fu * Filipino Kali * Taiji Ch’uan

* Butterfly Healing Arts:

Butterfly Reiki System * Butterfly Taiji * Butterfly QiGong, Min Zin, and Meditation


“Ancient Treasures For Modern Times”

– Contact Info.-
(860) 893-6441

Sifu Michael Fuchs with Grand Master Dr. Maung Gyi
2004, Sifu Michael Fuchs with his teacher and the famous Grand Master, Dr. Maung Gyi (right)

– Sifu Michael Fuchs:

* Chief Instructor, Butterfly Martial and Healing Arts.
* Lineage Disciple of White Lotus Five Form Fist Shaolin Headmaster, Tao Chi Li.
* Former Owner and Chief Instructor of White Lotus Martial Arts Center (est. 1977), 1997- 2004.

  • – Sifu, Shaolin and Taiji.
  • – Founder, Butterfly Reiki System, Reiki Sensei/ Teacher.
  • – Instructor, Filipino Kali.
  • – Instructor, Butterfly QiGong, Min Zin, and Meditation.
  • – Master’s Hall of Fame Inductee, 2016.
  • – Action Martial Arts ‘Hall of Honors’, Outstanding Dedication in the Martial Arts Award, 2016.
  • – Action Martial Arts ‘Hall of Honors’ Ambassador of the Martial Arts Award, 2017.
  • -Published in various leading national magazines devoted to the arts.
  • – Featured in newspapers and on tv and radio numerous times.
  • – Has taught and led programs in numerous diverse environments for close to 30 years, including: hospitals, colleges, the state prison system, lock- down psych. wards and neuro- behavioral units, senior centers, inner city youth programs, Arthritis Foundation, MS Society, COPD, ABI/ TBI, multi- day spiritual retreats and martial art seminars, and more.
  • – Sifu Mike was one of the first professionally credentialed ‘Integrative Medicine Consultants’ in the state of CT, via St. Francis Hospital.

– “A Master is only a student who never gave up- the Path is the Goal”

Sifu Michael Fuchs lives and teaches in New Britain, CT in Hartford County; and is also available throughout the state and New England/ Northeast Region, as well as Nationally, for Personal Training/ Seminars. Contact him for details and more information.

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