Butterfly Martial Arts

Butterfly Martial Arts is composed of three distinct arts and curriculums:

* Shaolin Five Form Fist Kung Fu
* Taiji Ch’uan/ Internal Arts
* Filipino Kali/ Edged Weapons Arts

The following are brief descriptions of these distinct yet complimentary systems. Personal Training and Seminars/ Workshops can be given on any and all aspects of these great arts- from traditional curriculum study; to learning and focusing on various specialty areas. Such as, Shaolin Basics, Conditioning, and Fundamentals; Shaolin Chin- na; Shaolin Forms; Taiji Push Hands; Taiji Applications; rare Taiji Forms; Kali Knife; Kali Footwork; Kali Empty Hand, etc…contact Sifu Mike to schedule training for yourself or your group/ organization anytime.

** Shaolin Five Form Fist Kung Fu (Shaolin Wu Xing Quan Fa)


This is a traditional system of Chinese martial arts which is lineaged via the Koushu Federation of the Republic of China (Taiwan). It is in direct lineage of the famous koushu/ goushu institute which existed before the Chinese Revolution in Nanjing. Sifu Mike’s teacher is the Headmaster of this system, his teacher was Shaolin GM Wu Jen Dai. Much of the curriculum comes from Lao Shr Everett’s study with famous GM, Dr. Daniel K. Pai. Dr. Pai founded the USA Koushu, and was a V.P. of the International Koushu Fed. based in R.O.C. Lao Shr Everett, Sifu Mike’s teacher, was the Chief Instructor of the Pai Lum system and Dr. Pai’s live- in lineage disciple for years. Back in those days he was known as ‘Pai Tao Chi.’

Five Form Fist is a very large and complete system composed of various inter-connected external and internal kung fu sub- styles. The foundations of the art are the ‘Shaolin Conditioning, Fundamentals, and Basics,’ which includes things like Shaolin QiGong, Stance Training; Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance Training; Hand and Foot Striking Methods, Blocking/ Deflecting Methods, Falling/ Rolling, Sweeps/ Takedowns, and more. The following are other key areas of study:

* Iron Hand/ Fist/ Body Training
* Shaolin Forms, Northern and Southern styles
* Muscle/ Tendon/ Sinew Change Exercise/ Forms
* Self Defense Training
* Chin- na and Grappling
* Chinese Weapons Study
* Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane, Dragon, Monkey, and Butterfly Styles Available

** Butterfly Taiji Ch’uan System:

This is essentially the Taiji system which Sifu Mike learned from his teacher, with the addition of material learned from his studies with other great experts. It is a complete system, composed of all elements of a traditional Taiji style: Taiji Concepts and Principles, Taiji Basics and Fundamentals, Taiji QiGong, Taiji Forms, Taiji Weapons, Taiji Push Hands, Taiji Applications/ Self Defense, and Taiji Fighting/ Sparring.

– The basic concept of Taiji as an internal martial art can be summed up by the following two sayings:

* “The Soft Overcomes the Hard”
* “Absorb and Redirect Negative Energy”

– The advanced, higher level concept of Taiji as a martial art is summed up as follows:

* “Act Previous” – to the opponents intention and movement

These sayings are backed up by actual practical, hands- on training methods. They aren’t mere sophistry.

The foundation form Sifu Mike teaches is the ‘White Lotus Yang’ style short form, which is the form his teacher utilized to introduce students to the art. It is an excellent, well- rounded traditional form which stands on its own, or is also an excellent foundation to build further learning upon. It is a 40 movement set.

Sifu Mike has been blessed to learn a variety of rare and traditional Taiji styles and forms, such as: rare inner family Pai Lum Taiji:  Pai Yueng Taiji, Wu Chun Taiji, and Butterfly style (a Shaolin internal style which shares much in common with taiji); amongst other rare styles (such as those from the Bak Fu Pai system).

– Filipino Kali Martial Arts

Kali is an edged weapons based system from the jungles of the Phillipinnes. Extremely practical, effective, and efficient, kali is a complete art unto itself- and also enhances and integrates with all other styles, especially Chinese styles.

Sifu Mike teaches primarily methods from the famous Pekiti- Tirsia Kali style, the foundation being something called the ‘Five Attacks Sub- System,’ which was developed by Tuhon Bill McGrath, former USA Chief Instructor of PTK and top world expert after PTK Supreme Tuhon Leo T. Gaje.

Training in kali includes: footwork and basics, single stick/ sword, double stick/ sword, single knife, double knife, sword and knife (espada y daga), and kali empty hands.

Sifu Mike is a close to 30 year student and instructor of kali. In the late 90’s he trained a young fighter in specific kali methods, as well as tuning him up in general, in preparation for the famous Dog Brother’s ‘Gathering of the Pack’ in California. He is very proud that due to his direct training this young fighter went undefeated, winning all of his full- contact weapons fighting matches.

** Sifu Michael Fuchs has been blessed to learn from some of the top living martial arts Grandmaster’s world- wide. Such as: Lao Shr Tao Chi Li, GM Dr. Maung Gyi, Living Treasure GM Fu Shu Yun, Supreme Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, GM Manfred Steiner, Tuhon Bill McGrath, Daoist Arts Master Prof. Chung Jie, GM Gao Ji Wu, GM Wang Hai Jun, GM William C.C. Chen, Sifu H.K. Chan, Daoist Arts Master Sifu Joe Lok, Jung Shee James Patrick Lacy, and more.