Butterfly QiGong

‘Butterfly QiGong’ is a large system composed of elements and methods from Sifu Michael Fuchs’ close to 30 years of experience with Chinese QiGong (chi gung), Japanese reiki, various yoga and yogic methods, Burmese Min Zin, and a multitude of meditation styles and methods (his first formal one was the TM of famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1988).

QiGong is a general term like ‘sports’ or ‘food;’ there isn’t one style, method, or path of QiGong- rather, there are thousands. ‘Qi’ or ‘chi’ refers to energy or the life- force, in this context, the life- force of humans or living beings. ‘Gong’ or ‘gung/ kung’ refers to skill, the high skills which come with work and practice in a disciplined and creative way over time (as in ‘kung fu’). Thus, ‘QiGong’ may be translated as ‘skill with cultivating and utilizing the life- force,’ ‘energy work,’ and similar translations.

My teacher referred to QiGong as, ‘health nourishing exercise,’ which is a practical description of the most practical and common style of QiGong- QiGong for health and longevity- prevention, regeneration, maintenance, and longevity of health, balance, and harmony. This includes all levels of being- physical, emotional, mental, soul/ spiritual.

Classicly, as developed and taught in China (the birthplace of QiGong), there are several ways to categorize QiGong. One being as follows:

* Health/ Healing QiGong * Martial Arts QiGong * Spiritual QiGong

Another traditional Chinese classification system is as follows:

* Daoist QiGong * Confucian (Scholar) QiGong * Buddhist QiGong
* Martial Arts QiGong * Health/ Healing QiGong (some call this Medical QiGong, which is a poor description as prevention is the key to health qigong, not intervention, as in modern medicine)

Nowadays, of course, QiGong is a world art- it has transcended China, and being a living art, continues to grow and evolve. The ‘Butterfly QiGong, Min Zin, and Meditation’ system is a part of this evolution and is available to all people desiring greater health, balance, and harmony.

The foundation of the ‘Butterfly QiGong’ system is, ‘Butterfly Wellness QiGong.’ Butterfly Wellness QiGong is composed of the following elements:

– Breathing Exercises For Health
– Muscle/ Tendon/ Ligament/ Joint Health QiGong
– Stationary, Moving, Seated, Standing, and Prone/ Supine/ Side Lying Methods

Many classic methods are utilized, the most fundamental being the ancient Shaolin ‘Cloud Breathing’ methods. Butterfly Wellness QiGong is a complete system which promotes prevention, regeneration, maintenance, and longevity for all levels of being. Butterfly Wellness QiGong promotes better blood and energy flow, joint health, whole body suppleness and flexibility, strength from the inside out, co- ordination, and both tranquility and focus.

Besides Butterfly Wellness QiGong, other methods are available, such as: Martial Arts QiGong (internal and external styles), Tibetan Meditation Methods (such as Tonglen Meditation), Burmese Min Zin methods, mantra meditation, and reiki qigong and meditation methods. Depending on need all of these methods may be blended as needed.

Famous experts Sifu Mike has learned from directly include: his teacher, Tao Chi Li, GM, Dr. Maung Gyi; Living Treasure GM Fu Shu Yun, Shri Anandi Ma, H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh ji Maharaj, Mirabai Devi, Gen Sherab Kelsang, Namadeva Thomas Ashley- Farrand, Daoist Arts Master Prof. Chung Jie, Daoist Arts Master Joe Lok, Susane Grasso, and Patricia Warren.