Butterfly Reiki

“Reiki” (Ray- Key) is quite simply, the ‘Art of Compassion.’ The compassionate healing art of Reiki- Usui Reiki Ryoho- was Founded by O- Sensei Miako Usui, a Japanese Saint who passed away in 1926. What makes this art so unique is it’s simultaneous ease of learning, safety, and effectiveness. Virtually all people, regardless of age or experience, can easily learn this art as it is natural and non- technical (like breathing or your heartbeat).
In English, “reiki” is usually referred to as the, “Universal Life Force.” In other words, the Ki of the Universal, of which we and everything in Creation are a part of and intimately connected to. Reiki may also be thought of as a pure distillation of God’s Love and Grace, which nurtures, heals, protects, and sustains all- us included. Very similar to how the Sun’s Light and Energy in our solar system sustains all life on Earth.
Reiki can be received via something known as a, “Reiki Healing Session,” very similar to massage or bodywork. The client generally lays down fully clothed on a massage table, and the Reiki Practitioner utilizes a series of ‘Light Hand Placement’ techniques to convey and facilitate the reiki healing energy. No massage or body manipulation is utilized, just a very light touch, or even just by holding the palms close to the clients body (no touch).
The Reiki Healing Energy- The Universal Life Force- is absorbed and “digested” in a natural process very similar to digesting food. It is not controlled by the reiki practitioner or client (intellectually). One simply receives the reiki healing energy, and then it is utilized naturally by the individual to aid the inner healing and harmonizing powers which we all possess to work better. Thus, reiki promotes healing, balance, and harmony for all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, soul/ spiritual. The Universal Life Force/ Reiki and our Higher Self/ Soul are virtually indistinguishable reflections of each other, thus no harm can ever come from reiki healing or reiki training.
In the Butterfly Reiki System reiki training is conveyed via a 4 Level Class Structure, as well as through special workshops on reiki sub- arts, such as Reiki- ko (Reiki QiGong). The 4 levels are: Shoden- Reiki Level One; Chuden, Reiki Level Two; Okuden, Reiki Level Three; and Shinpiden, Reiki Level Four (Sensei/ Teacher Level). The first two levels constitute the basic and intermediate levels of the art; and the last two the advanced and teacher levels of the compassionate art of reiki. In addition to these traditional classes, Sifu Mike can design special Reiki Uptraining Classes for people who are already reiki practitioners/ teachers but would like to expand their knowledge.
The Butterfly Reiki System has been founded by Sifu Michael Fuchs after close to 30 years of serious study, practice, and teaching. He has learned numerous reiki styles and methods, some quite rare. Sifu Mike has had the good fortune to learn directly from many top experts of reiki and spiritual/ healing arts, such as: Susane Grasso, Patricia Warren, Tao Chi Li, Dr. Maung Gyi, Gen Sherab Kelsang, Mirabai Devi, Shri Anandi Ma, and H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh ji Maharaj, amongst many others. In addition to the art of reiki, Sifu Mike has in depth experience in related arts, such as Taiji, QiGong, Min Zin, and Meditation (numerous styles).
The Butterfly Reiki System is modeled upon the original Usui Reiki Ryoho of the Founder and his immediate heirs, such as Shihan Chujiro Hayashi and Rev. Hawayo Takata. It is not a ‘fast food,’ ‘New Age,’ or ‘channeled’ reiki system. Rather, it is based upon the true, traditional teachings of the Asian healing arts, presented in a format easily accessible by modern people.
** To schedule a Reiki Healing Session, Reiki Training Class, or for more information, contact Sifu Mike anytime.
“Everyone has the potential to receive the spiritual gift (reiki attunement), uniting body and soul, a Divine Blessing. Our method is an original one, based upon the Spiritual Power of the Universe. By this power a person first becomes healthy, then the mind becomes calm and life becomes more joyous.”
                – Reiki Ryoho Founder, O-Sensei Mikao Usui, from the ‘Reiki Ryoho